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How Can We Help You?
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Home Energy Consultants, Inc.

       Since 2006, Home Energy Consultants has been helping homeowners shrink their energy costs one house at a time.

         Did you know that a tight, energy-efficient home can be a healthy home?

         Let us show you how when we do our comprehensive assessment of your home. We look for the places where air enters and exists your home using the most current building science practices.

         In addition to the home energy audit, HEC is a certified HERS Rater and can certify compliance with the NYS 2010 Energy Conservation Construction Code and the NY ENERGY STARŪ labeled homes program.
I want an energy Audit for my home.
I want to make my new home energy efficient.
I want to build an Energy Star home.
I want a HERS Rating.
I want a blower door test.
I want a duct leakage test.
I want help with NYS Energy Code compliance.
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